“A simply infectious album, chock full of memorable melodies and messages, a genuine keeper.” - No Depression  

“... A wonderfully soulful record.” - David Dye, World Cafe  

“A low-key stunner.” - Relix  

“This is the most exciting recording I've worked on in years.” - Anthony Crawford, Producer/Multi-instrumentalist  

LIES & WISHES (2014)

“Anderson's songwriting style is refreshing in the extreme.” - Vancouver Vivascene  

“A superb solo effort... Lies & Wishes is a definite must have addition to your record collection.” - No Depression  

“This record is right up there with the best of anything I've ever been involved with.” - Steve Berlin, Los Lobos  


“Anderson writes raw emotionally sophisticated songs.” - Chicago Sun Times  

“Bar Room Semantics is infused with the kind of dusty, bootstrap-pulling resilience that Midwesterners have spent decades perfecting.” 
- Nashville Scene  

“There's a feeling that this is from the heart, and its well put together and musically interesting.” - Americana UK  

“Anderson possesses a storyteller's touch and a guitar god's muscle.” - Paste Magazine  

“BTF plays rock and roll as straightforward as a cold bottle of beer.” - Chicago Innerview  

“Anderson has come to appreciate the finer points of songwriting that distinguish folks such as Jeff Tweedy and Gram Parsons.”  
 - Dallas Observer

No Depression Review- Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions

By Scott Zupparado

October 16th marks the release of Edward David Anderson’s finest solo effort to date, Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions, calling on the journeyman prowess of Anthony Crawford (Willie Sugarcapps, Neil Young, Steve Winwood) for this record in not just production but also sonically, credited with playing at least a dozen instruments on the album.  From the reminiscent laid back country of “Silverhill”, dark banjo laden soul of “Hidin’ At The Hollow”, and the cool jangle pop of album opener “Firefly”.... Full Article