... a wonderfully soulful record.
— David Dye, World Cafe (Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions)

"Chasing Butterflies is a treasure chest full of American songs, just waiting for you to open and find all of the joy and mysteries stored inside. Edward David Anderson's voice and these songs are like a back porch conversation with a great old long lost friend. You can pick up right where you left off and it always feels right." Ed Jurdi, Band of Heathens

"EDA has always been one of my favorite songwriters and singers, and on Chasing Butterflies he has beautifully managed to capture the elusive dichotomy that is the American South- a combination of mystery, darkness and relaxed geniality. Great album." Steve Berlin, Los Lobos

"He has that rare ability to open his soul and unfold his stories in a natural style that is simultaneously guileless and universal, a direct hit to the heart." Johnny Hickman, Cracker

"In my past travels, it's typically been John Prine and Guy Clark songs that have hit me so hard I had to pull off to the side of road. These days it's Jason Isbell and Edward David Anderson. If you don't know that last name yet, you will. I'm actually on the shoulder of I-55 somewhere between Chicago and St. Louis listening to 'Chasing Butterflies' right now." Chicago Farmer

"An artist to the bone who is raw, open, gritty...A portal into the human condition." Seth Walker

“Anderson writes raw emotionally sophisticated songs.” Chicago Sun Times

“Bar Room Semantics is infused with the kind of dusty, bootstrap-pulling resilience that Midwesterners have spent decades perfecting.” Nashville Scene

“Anderson possesses a storyteller's touch and a guitar god's muscle.” Paste Magazine

“Anderson has come to appreciate the finer points of songwriting that distinguish folks such as Jeff Tweedy and Gram Parsons." Dallas Observer

“Anderson's songwriting style is refreshing in the extreme.” Vancouver Vivascene

“A simply infectious album (Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions), chock full of memorable melodies and messages, a genuine keeper.” No Depression